Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Was going to post a picture of the bus and me but couldn't find it sooooooooooo....

As you can tell my blogging has taken a turn for the worst. Maybe I am just too lazy to keep up with it. If I was popular like Pam I would probably do better. I do get some email messages from people who read my blog but never make a comment saying I haven't done it in a while. They probably think I am dead or something. Right Darla, Kay and Sarah?

School has started and I am driving almost everyday except Sunday and most Mondays. Have had the bus quit me already while taking the football team to their game..., didn't make for good feelings about my bus. I think I have taken every sports team we have plus the Jr. High volleyball team plus the music band. Whew, what an interesting diversity of personalities. Each group has a different mind set.

Cheryl is busy canning, waiting on me and making sure I am comfortable and well fed. She likes to experiment and this year was zucchini pickles which turned out to be very good. She also learned how to make zucchini pineapple which is quite a bit like the real pineapple. I am glad she likes to do this because our zucchini plant went crazy.

Our pepper plants have produced but due to the cool spring and not so hot summer they did not get extremely large but they sure have excellent flavor. The string beans went crazy and that is good for Cheryl because I don't especially like string beans. Now new potatoes and fresh peas from the garden, oh yum, yum, yum.

Looks like we are going to have to pull our tomatoes and hang them in the garage. The nights are just too cool for them to keep ripening.

Okay, enough about our garden. Cheryl and I are doing fine for a couple of old farts. We have our aches and pains but we keep plugging along. She is at the cannery today helping can whatever they are canning and she is with a lady that she really enjoys. Me, I have another run with the volleyball team.

Cheryl has learned to ride the atv and now there is a bunch of these "elderly" ladies that like to get on them and go riding. Personally I get quite a kick out of it all. I can just see Darla, Kay, Sarah, Pam and a few others that age riding around the countryside on atv's like a gang of hooligans. Ha, ha, ha. Go for it gals.

Guess I will close for now. Going to be a very busy week and I have not done one bit of indexing for genealogy so I have to get busy when I can. Take care.

Have a nice day everyone.