Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This picture was captioned, Patience and Wisdom, and I still wonder about the wisdom part of it. The dog should be a LOT further away for his own good.

Had the procedure done on my back today and so far so good although there is still quite a bit of pain in my legs. The Dr. said it was normal and would go away. Sooooooo I am waiting, waiting, waiting for it to go away.

Was checking out Foam's blog and it reminded me of a visit we had to the shores of Lake Erie. We had been married for about a year and had our oldest son who, at the time was about 1. We had been invited to go water skiing with another couple and their kids and naturally were having a great time. Like many parents do, we got a little neglectful as to what our baby was doing on the beach. I looked over and he was chewing on a dead fish that someone had discarded, or it had washed up on the beach. I about freaked out. We grabbed that kid and rushed home, called the Dr. to find out what to do since we didn't want him dieing from poisoning. First call, the doctor said stick your finger down his throat and make him throw up. Finger down the throat... finger out of the throat with blood oozing out. The little pup had bitten so hard that it brought blood. Called the Dr. again, "Give him a raw egg." Got the raw egg, put it to his mouth and he slurped it down like it was honey coated and wanted another one. Called the Dr. again, "Give him some milk." Okay, but I don't remember what the milk was supposed to do for him. By this time that kid was yowling and fighting us something terrible and it was a real chore to get him to take the milk. Called the Dr. again. "Hell", he said, "Just put him to sleep and watch him. If he has survived this ordeal with you he will probably be just fine." So Cheryl and I put him to bed, went and medicated our wounds received from him and the doc was right... everything was just fine.

That was our experience at a shore of any kind and I would rather never have one like it again. The after effects on the boy... he is a big moose living in California and is okay.

Pamela I loved the train video. My brother-in-law gave me a cd of the Yukon train and I love it. How I want to take some of those special train rides. I still remember the steam engine pulling into Driggs, ID and I would stand and look at it in awe. I especially loved it when the rotary plow was on it. They would hit those big snow drifts and the snow would just fly. It was as big as the engine.

Sarah R. I enjoyed that song about super glue. I am going to try and memorize it and sing it at a church function sometime.

Back is hurting a little and need to change chairs. Sure will be glad when this all takes affect cause I got things to do.

Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not much to say today. Just posting so those who are interested will know how we are doing.

Cheryl had another shot in her left arm and it is still bothering her. Doesn't seem to slow her down too much though. She is still canning like crazy. Seems like each time I ask what she is doing, with the hopes of doing something together, she has this to can and that to can. I know this winter when the wind blows and the snow falls it will be nice to have all that good food to nibble on.

I went and had another MRI done yesterday and they found a bulging disc that is pressing against my nerves which is causing me so much discomfort. Tomorrow I go and have an epideral procedure which hopefully will take care of the problem. I really miss going to work. If the epideral does not work then it is back to the surgeon to see what he suggests. Oh how fun that would be.

The weather has turned cool. We picked all our tomatoes just in time because it froze big time last night. We have been grateful for the produce from our garden this year.

Well, I have got to get out of this chair because it is making my back hurt big time. Guess I will go read a book. Oh, by the way, if you ever have a desire to watch the movie "Sweeny Tood", don't. It is a very dark, blood thirsty, undesirable movie. We didn't realize what it was like when we rented it but it was bad, bad, bad. Just finished book 3 of Fablehaven and it was very good.

Miss ya Foamy and Pamela.

Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh thank you, thank you Dana. I am having a little fun with that website you mentioned in a blog of your.

I don't know how someone got a picture of my wife and her sister but her it is posted on a magazine cover for all the world to see. Bwah ha ha ha ha.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Trying out something that Dana had used on her blog.

Several have asked what is wrong and why have I not been blogging. Welllllllllll, the truth of the matter is I am kind of burned out with blogging although I will post an entry every now and again. The other truth of the matter is I am in a lot of pain and have not even been able to sleep lying down for about a week now. For the last 5 or 6 nights I have averaged about 1 to 1 1/2 hours of sleep per night. I am so tired I don't know which end I am on.

The problem? My back has slid and is pinching nerves again and it hurts......., a lot. I received a shot in the hip yesterday to kill some of the pain but the major problem is taking a little longer to correct and is a little more complicated. Right now it hurts like crazy to set in this chair and type. Cheryl knew something was wrong when I turned down a couple of bus runs because I really enjoy doing them.

I have taken so much Percocet that I am rummy. Yes, I know, I am rummy without any medicine. Anyway that is what is going on. Cheryl is busy canning all sorts of goodies and it makes me feel bad, real bad, that I cannot be out there helping her.:))) I will force myself to enjoy the fruits and veggies later.

It turned warm again. It must be at least 80 degrees.

Our children made it to Oklahoma safely, thank goodness. They are finding it quite warm and humid. Of course having the effects from hurricane Ike dropping on them adds to their misery. All in all they are doing okay though. I think I will go call them to see how today is going.

That is all for now. Back is hurting too much and the only place to give me comfort is my recliner. It is now my bed, table, tv chair, actually my home right now.

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Well, it is fun Monday and I don't know who is doing what. I normally check Pamela's blog to see where to go but she is taking a rest from blogging.

Foam tell me it isn't true!!!!! I enjoy your blogs and will miss you. Darned fickle artists anyway.

Mercy, what a week we just finished. I had runs every day and believe me I am tired. To add to that our one daughter and her family are moving to Oklahoma and they have been staying here for a while. Our garage and other storage areas are full with their stuff which they say they will come and get in a month. That would be nice since I have plans for garage usage this winter.

Cheryl has been canning, canning, canning. She is such a hard worker. Now if she could only fish. Actually she has wanted to go fishing this summer and I have been the one to drag my feet. Too many projects and too little time. Now I am back to work with less time.

Did I mention we inherited two ATVs? Yep, Kim and Robin left their ATVs here and we get to use them. Cheryl is ecstatic, Tim has to get them repaired first. I love my son-in-law but he breaks everything. As they were unloading their stuff into the garage I would ask about this item or that item and the answer would be pretty much the same. Well, it is broken. He is trying to move to Oklahoma with a vehicle that has expired license plates. Just didn't get around to taking care of the problem.

Anyway they are gone and I will miss my grandchildren. This was the closest family to us and that little blond headed granddaughter had grandpa wrapped around her finger pretty good. Now she will be a blond Okie.

Cheryl is so tired today that she is just lying on the bed listening to a book on tape. I have partially vacuumed the carpet and must get away from this computer and finish my job.

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, September 01, 2008

OK. This is fun Monday and the host is asking for a picture of the area where blogging is done. Whooooooooo boy, I don't think so, so I will pass this week. Thank you Pamela for the information and you will be missed but I will keep checking for when you do post.

Hi to whoami (I hope I said that right)and thank you for commenting on my blog. Always good to see new faces (in a blogging sense of the word.) Gwen, you rascal, how are you doing? I have not heard anything from Australia for a long time. I thought maybe it had reverted back to being a British possession.:))

An update on Cheryl. She is doing fine. A little behind on her chores so she is not allowed to go out and play until she catches up. I even had to revoke some of her phone privileges.

Mercy it has turned cold overnight. Yesterday it rained and it was so refreshing although the grain farmers probably don't think so. Today it feels like snow in the mountains. I visited a couple of fishing places and they are nothing but puddles right now.

All right I have to ask the question: How many of you have read or are reading the "Twilight" series of books? I hate to admit it but I have read all four of them although, from a man's point of view, I did not find them all THAT great. Who in their right mind would want to be a vampire? However, I can think of a few necks that I wouldn't mind sucking on. (Yes, I am a dirty old man)

I have got to quit and get Cheryl moving. She is laying in bed reading "Fablehaven" and "I" have not been fed yet. Looks like another day of grounding.

Have a nice day everyone.