Friday, October 24, 2008

Since it is that time of year I want to wish anyone who reads my drivel to have a happy and safe Halloween. None of the partying as portrayed in the picture... FOAM. I tell you, those Germans and their beer. Not everyone can be saintly like the Irish I guess.

Update on Chery and my aches and pains. Cheryl is having shoulder surgery on November 5 but we lucked out, if you can call it that, in that she is having arthroscopic not actually cutting. It seems her should is full of arthritis and bone spurs that are cutting into the muscle. While it is true she has a torn rotator cuff it is not of such that she needs to have it repaired. She just has to be a good girl for a change and do what the doctors tell her to do. Too often she thinks she is macho woman and can do more than she should.

This coming Tuesday I visit the surgeon to see what needs to be done to my back...again. Will keep any who are interested updated.

It has turned cold but lovely here. The nights are quite cold but by afternoon it is shirtsleeve weather. The deer are migrating from the mountains which makes it scary for driving. I only need to kill three more and I am an ace. (It takes six) Not exactly the kind of honor I am looking for but............

Tomorrow I get to take the bus to beautiful downtown Salt Lake City, UT, hell hole of Utah, and pick up FFA students returning from the east. Oh joy, oh joy. I tried to beg off but the boss would not hear of it. He seems to think I have experience for that sort of thing.

Foam how are the eyes coming along? Haven't heard from Pamela for some time so hope she is fine.

Oops got to go.

Have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tis getting close to the Halloween time so I thought this picture appropriate.

My goodness, I did not realize how long it has been since I last posted. I have been extremely busy plus the pain I suffer from keeps me from setting down to the computer.

We received our first snowfall last weekend, oh joy, oh joy. Actually Cheryl and I welcome the cooler weather since we seem to do better in it, or we used to. Poor Cheryl has been suffering from shoulder pain for at least a month. She finally broke down and seen the specialist yesterday and probably has surgery looming in the near future. Her Parkinson causes her to fall and she has taken a couple of nasty ones this year. Apparently they had more of an affect on her than we originally thought.

I am having a very difficult time walking due to pain. I see the surgeon in November and probably have surgery looming in my future. Ahhhhh, life with it's little setbacks. I keep telling my boss that I am fine because I truly love my job.

Okay, enough whining. Well, since the elections are coming up very shortly I must post this picture. This year in politics reminds me of the time the Gadianton robbers ruled the America's and caused so much turmoil in government to the point that it crumbled. Sure hope this will not be the case.

Thank you Sarah for the pictures. I know I have not blogged for a while butttttttt, what can I say... I am lazy.

Foam, if you are still checking my blog, sorry about your eye condition. Do you know what has caused it or did you mention it and I forgot?

Did I mention that my daughter Kimberly and her family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma? Yep, they cain't seem to speak without a drawl now. We miss our grandkids but are happy they have work and are doing okay.

Guess this will be all for today. Got to study for a test, pull vegetable vines from the garden, sleep, eat and dream of old whiskey, fast women and faster horses. Now if I knew what to do with old whiskey, fast women, and faster horses I guess I would be in great shape. Maybe I will dream of Pepsi, older women, and wheel chairs.

Have a nice day everyone.