Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is soooooo me. Sometimes I have to get after myself for not acting my age.

Cheryl is feeling better this morning. She was picking on me big time before she left for work. She also left an endless list of chores to do. It is plain to see that I am going to have to have an attitude adjustment with that woman.

By the way... welcome Gledwood and Angel to my blog and I hope you return often.

I think it was Jeanette who said she would like a siamese cat. Me too. Gledwood, those Australian women show up in the darndest places and the jokes they tell... whooooeeeee. Jen likes to pick on us poor Irishman though. Actually I am an American through and through but both of my grandparents were from Ireland, except one who was Welsh, and so I have quite a bit of Irish blood flowing in these veins. I am proud of my Irish heritage but in all honesty being an American is #1 with being an Idahoan #2. Just think of how terrible it would have been to be a Canadian. (Just kidding guys) I would have to like hockey, fishing, the Queen, and cowgirls. Three out of four ain't bad.

Angel you have come quite a ways from where you were born to where you live. Do you miss your homeland much? Sounds like you have a great attitude toward your husband and that is the way it should be. Even after all these years I would hate to think of life without my Cheryl.

I now have three big fat doves that are eating at the bird table outside. They are fun to watch and I was told that they are a type of South American dove that is not found in the US that much.

Last night I could have used a shotgun. Two cats decided to duke it out right underneath our bedroom window. Talk about a noise.

Well my sweethearts birthday is in the month of March and I am already planning a big dinner at the local truck stop. Maybe I will splurge and take her across the street to Taco Heaven or whatever the name is. Never, ever accuse an Irishman of not having romance in his blood.

Got to close and get some of these chores done. I am taking the brainiac's on a trip today to a competition. It is fun to watch these sort of things although I have not a clue as to what some of the questions they are asked mean.

Be safe, be happy and have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is just how I feel. I met a Japanese man one time (his wife was Dutch) who said to me, "I don't drink, I don't smoke but by golly I am going to eat." and eat he did. I really enjoyed that couple and wonder what ever become of them.

Well the state wrestling tournament is over, the young men are back to school and the poor bus driver is still trying to regain his lost sleep. I have a serious problem when I take athletic teams anywhere... I like to watch the contests. Saturday I put in about 18 hours by the time they finished and I got them back home. To top it all off I hit a deer just outside of Preston. Not much I could do about it because it came at full speed out of nowhere. I can shoot animals and it doesn't bother me too much but to run over them, even a little mouse, I get a sickening feeling.

Strange weather the Canadians are sending us. Snow, rain, snow, sunshine, rain then snow again. It is like they cannot make up their minds as to how to punish us here in the US.

We are once again petless. (I know it is not a word.) Our new cat had attacked Cheryl and put a nice gash across her face which she will have a scar now and then it attacked me and scratched me fairly good on the hand. It only attacked when it did not like something we were doing with it but still it made us worry what would happen if the grandkids were here. Plus Cheryl and I have had serious allergies since it arrived... so anyhow it is now gone. I think if I get another cat it will be a Siamese kitten that I can raise and train right from the start. At least they don't shed like the others do, or so I am told.

I went to an Applebee's for the first time while I was on the trip. I really liked it. I had a bourbon street steak that was just delicious. I think I like Cajun cooking. Of course any restaurant is only as good as it's cook.

Did I tell you, Pam, that after you posted the picture of a downy woodpecker we had one in our tree. I wouldn't have known what it was if you hadn't have posted your picture. Thank you. We are going to purchase a book on birds of north America so we can identify them easier.

Good to have Foam back... no, I don't know why, but it is good. Foam is a good person... it is just that there are only two kinds of good in this world; no good and good for nothing. Bwah ha ha ha.
I love you Foam.:)

I know of others who read my blog but never make a comment so I will say "hi" to those "OLD " grannies down in Bakersfield, CA. Cheryl has been under the weather for a bit but she is doing much better now.

Sarah, I hope you read this, I would love to attend but I am not much at preparing something of that nature. If you knew my history you would find that reunions are not my strong point.

Well, who haven't I picked on. Got a fairly easy week this week so should be able to blog a little more often.

Be safe, be careful and have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is my son in law, Robin, who is quite a character. As you can tell his kids think quite highly of him as well. That blonde one in the front is quite the character, heck, they are all characters.

I don't know why, but I was thinking about death and the many different ways it affects all of us. It is hard to lose the companionship of a loved one or a dear friend. They leave a void in our lives that is hard to fill if it really can be filled. Yet, all of us will have to deal with this emotion at one time or another. What does death mean? Is that it? Is there no more to look forward to?

If you are a believer in religion then the answer is YES, there is more to it than what we might know. If that is true then we all need to find out just what is going to happen and prepare for the next phase of life. I am not going to sit here and preach to anyone but it is important for personal relief to know some of the answers for questions that confront us. Me, personally, well I believe in Christ and His teachings. If I am mislead then I am in for a great surprise. I just cannot imagine enjoying my wife and family so much during this life to never see them again or be with them again when I die. Okay, enough on this subject.

Got another long week ahead of me. Taking the wrestling team to Boise, ID for the state tournament. Should be fun but tiring.

Oh, for those who might be wondering what I did do for Cheryl on Valentine Day I took her to the local truck stop for supper. Now if that is not romantic I don't know what is. She had a country fried steak with eggs and hash browns. I did not spare the dollars on this evening and topped it off with a piece of lemon pie. I am so pleased with myself. She is soooooo lucky to have married a romantic like me. When we finished we came home and watched TV.

I am always picking on poor Hillary but she does things that really bug me. First there was the crying act. Then there was the firing of her campaign manager and now it is the dirt slinging and accusations. Is that the kind of President she is going to be? When the going gets tough is she going to start crying? Is she going to start firing everyone because things did not turn out the way she thought they should? Will she start slamming other world leaders and calling them liars and thieves which should do wonders for the American image that is already torn to shreds.

Shut up Tim. This is not a political broadcast.

Due the the cold and snow we started putting out bird feed for the little ones. At first there were only about two or three that would come and eat. Now there are about 20 to 30 regulars with more in the trees. I even saw a downy woodpecker and was able to identify it due to Pam's posting of a picture on her web site. Kinda neat. We are noticing a few Robins lately which means spring is definitely on its way. When I see my first Killdeer then I will know it is here.

Of course we feed the squirrels also. Bunch of little pigs. At first we only had two that came everyday but now we have up to 8 or 9 that know when food is being served. Our cat just sits in front of the sliding glass door and never blinks his eyes. I think one of the squirrels stuck its tongue out at him the other day.

If I don't get to your blogs and make comments on them please forgive me. I do read them but sometimes I just don't have the time (or the ambition) to make comments. I do enjoy each and everyone of them.

Guess I will close for today. Got to leave at 8:00 am tomorrow and don't know when I will be back so this will be it for this week. Have a great week and be safe.

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't laugh too hard. All of us reach this age some day.

This will probably be my only post this week although one never knows what is going to happen. I do know I will be gone on an overnighter with the wrestling team but other than that I am not sure what I am doing. Took the cheerleaders and dance team to a competition last Saturday. I am always amazed at the level of competition and how good some of those kids are. I really enjoyed watching.

Last week we had some SERIOUS snow and wind storms. Roads were closed, schools were closed and, of course, accidents everywhere. I worry so much about Cheryl when she is out in those conditions but she seems to handle herself very well. Must be the training she received from her husband. Some of the schools were still involved in basketball tournaments and even though they were told it might be best to cancel they did not. The results... they spent time waiting in one of the schools and a local church for the roads to open. Some of our own kids did not get home until after 6-7 pm and then the only way was to have a snowplow go in front of the bus. It was very interesting.

Having snow days reminded me of when I was a kid. We used to have some jim dandy blizzards in Teton Valley where I lived. When we had a snow day I liked to strap on some skis or snowshoes and head for the canyon a couple of miles away. It might be raging out on the flats but the canyon was always so peaceful and quiet. One has to experience it to know what I am talking about when I say it is peaceful to snowshoe in virgin snow, listen to a bubbling brook and hear the wind blowing in the top of the trees. It is so relaxing.

Some days we would pop popcorn (the old way), read books, listen to "good" music and play games like Rook, or Old Maid. My sisters always cheated cause no one is that good. I would lie in front of the heat vent and sleep. Yep, those were the good days. When I had my ham radio I would spend time in my room just blabbing to everyone and anyone I could reach.

In our valley all the farming areas where certain families had settled had a name. Ours was called Darby, then there was Cedron, Chapin, Victor, Bates, Clawson, Felt, and Cache to name a few. If we met someone new and they said they were from Darby, for instance, everyone would know instantly where they lived.

Our valley used to be known mainly as Pierre's Hole because of the white man and Indian trading that would go on in it. It was known for outlaws, Indian wars and many other kinds of stuff. Now it is nothing but homes, homes, and more homes with the land posted for no trespassing. I don't go there any more because it just isn't home to me now. I go up the Darby canyon where I spent so much time as a kid and all I see are people, people and more people. It is called progress I guess. An area where the Crow and Blackfoot Indians had a major battle used to be littered with arrowheads and etc but now... homes and people.

That darned Cheryl came home with a cat the other day. After Gus died we swore we would have no more pets. She must have been absent on the day we had that conversation. We named the new cat Felix. We are noticing that where ever he came from he never learned to play. He is very protective of his food but I can live with that cause I am protective of my food as well. Almost had to give Cheryl a clout to the ear this morning cause she stole a piece of my bacon. YOU JUST DON'T STEAL A MAN'S BACON!!!

Pam and Foam I can just see you guys reading about blowing raspberries and setting there trying it to see how you do it. You had me a giggling there for a few minutes. I'm just glad I didn't mention the flatulence problem Cheryl has and the conversations we have over that. No, you don't need to try it and give me an example.:)

I guess this is it for today. I have laundry to do, wood to bring in and the list goes on. It is hard being married to a bossy woman. She even had to gall to tell me, no that was ordered me, to purchase a couple of new white shirts since mine are about 8 years old. Now if that is not bossy then I don't know what is.

Almost Valentine's day and I don't know what to get my sweetheart. Cheryl will get what I give her but my sweetheart gets something special. I guess I will give her a good dose of me. That would brighten anyone's day, right? Right!!

Hey Merle and Jeanette do you guys celebrate Valentine day in Australia?

By the way I think I have two OLD Grannies in California who read my blog, (Kay and Darla). If you do then you folks have a happy Valentine day also.

Have a nice day everyone.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Why this picture? Because Cheryl calls me her "Bear" and thought the picture appropriate.

Just got a few minutes this "am" before setting out again so thought I would mention a conversation between Cheryl and I last night. I am sure many people have similar conversations about things that make no sense what so ever.

Cheryl, of course, was teasing me and I blew her a raspberry. I do this when I can not think of anything wise or humorous to say. The conversation:

Tim: Did you know that when you blow a raspberry your upper lip vibrates?

Cheryl: (After trying her own raspberry), My upper lip doesn't vibrate, it is my lower lip.

Tim: Well dislexic people do things backwards. (Blows another raspberry), nope it is the upper lip.

Cheryl: If you say so but mine is still the lower lip.

And the conversation continues with juicy raspberries being blown at full steam.

Another conversation we had.

Tim: Did you know I can suck my upper lip up my nose?

Cheryl: Well why would I want to know that?

Tim: You're just jealous because you can't do it.

Cheryl: I can to. (Makes many feeble attempts to suck her lip up her nose... can't do it)

Enter our daughter Kim into the conversation.

Kim: You guys are weird. Look Mom I can suck my lip up my nose.

We all stand around doing strange things with our lips and noses.

Another conversation between Cheryl and I.

Tim: Did you know that if you take a worm and turn him inside out, then a robin comes along and eats that worm, the worm will actually think he is eating the robin.

Cheryl: Why would I want to know this? Why not turn the robin inside out?

Tim: You crazy old woman you don't get the big picture here.

Cheryl: Guess what? I don't really care either.

Now I am telling you we have very interesting conversations in our home. Do any of you readers have interesting conversations in your homes?

I smell bacon cooking so this must end. Hope your day has been brightened and you are safe and happy. Some of you had better be taking your med's and don't pull that headache stuff on your poor spouse.

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, February 04, 2008

This is Clem and Hagatha's wedding cake.

Poor old Clem. You would have thought that he learned something from his wedding cake.

This will be my one and only post this week. I am back to work and my schedule has me running very hard for the entire week. Lucky everyone who reads this stuff.

Mercy, we have been getting the snow the past few days. I swear it put a foot down yesterday and is still snowing lightly. The mountains look so beautiful with all that white.

Today is a day of mourning for me. The Patriots lost yesterday. No, the Patriots got the snot kicked out of them. It was so evident who was fired up and who was not. Oh well.

I just cannot think of any wise and humorous things to say so will close and see all of you next week.

Have a nice day everyone. Oh, thank you for all the nice comments on Cheryl and my pictures. The stories I could tell on that wife of mine.:)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Yep, this was Cheryl when we were first married. One hot Mama.

Yep, this was me when I was about 24 years old.

Since I don't have much to say I will just let you enjoy:):)

Have a nice day everyone.