Thursday, February 26, 2009

YEEEEE HAWWWWWW!! The taxes are done and I didn't have to pay. Of course I wasn't worried about that part anyway since I don't make enough to worry about paying. It is just a relief to know they are done for another year.

Tiger Sue, which blog do you use for people like me to visit? I know you have told me but tell me again and maybe this time it will sink in. Just ME, it is good to hear from you once in a while. Is the hubby still working in the oil fields out there in lovely Wamsutter, WY? Wamsutter what a lovely place. The nearest tree is at least 50 miles away and the roads are made of clay so that if a drop of rain hits them they are instantly slicker than snot. Of course I don't go around testing snot to see how slick it is so someone must have told me that. Yep, Wamsutter a place to plan for your vacations if you are looking for a relaxing time, no phones, no food, no service, you get the picture. There was a Mexican lady that opened her home to serving meals to the oil field people. It was not a pretty place and kids ran amuck when you entered but, mercy, could that woman serve a great meal. I ordered a glass of milk to go with my meal and she served almost a half of a gallon. Oh yeah, Wamsutter is a lovely place. Miles and mile of nothing in any direction you want to go. I always said that when God got through with creation and he had the Southwest corner of Wyoming left to do he just molded up a patch of mud, threw it down and said, "There it is finished and I am tired." There are places that one does not see from the highway that are so ugly and desolate even the crows won't go there. Yep, Wyoming where men are men and sheep are nervous.

I just watched the Spiderwick Chronicles and really enjoyed it. Reminded me a lot of the book Fablehaven. Yes, I read those kind of books. In fact I am reading the last book of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher and I really like these books. War, romance, war, sissy stuff, and more war. What more could a man wish for. However, for those who might read this I need suggestions of authors and titles of books that might be on tape that we can order. Due to Cheryl's illness she has the talking book service from the State of Idaho but we have a hard time figuring out which books have clean language and no sexual descriptions of any kind. That is what I like about Louis L'Amour. Always clean, always romance between the cowboy and his horse, always good action in many canyons and draws, many bars, many streets... awwww Louie why did you pass away.

Do you know the tv shows Cheryl and I like the most nowadays? Of course you don't so I will tell you since I am in a gabby mood. We like Chuck on Mondays, NCIS and The Mentalist on Tuesdays, Cheryl likes Night Rider on Wednesdays but I am so so with it. Then we have Life on Wednesdays, Thursday is Bones and Burn Notice, Friday is Ghost Whisperer although it is getting too much kissy kissy lovey dovey any more. That just about does our week in. The other days, Saturday and Sunday, we watch movies we have here at home or that we rent. I think we have over 300 movies here at home.

Okay then, got that out of my system. Have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A short post for today so everyone knows I am still alive and kicking. After today I might not be since this is the day for suicide. Why, you might ask? Today is the day I decide to do something I have put off for a while. Something I don't like to do. Something that I am beginning to wonder if it really is worth it. Something that I feel is totally unappreciated. Something that is as much fun as a really bad dose of the flu. What could be that bad you ask?


Have a nice day everyone cause I won't.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My word. I really had not realized how long it has been since I last posted. I am like Foam in that sometimes I just don't know what to write about. I do know that I have been extremely busy the past few weeks taking high school students to their very many basketball games. Both the girls and the boys lost out in their district tournaments which means no trips to state this year. In a way I breathed a sigh of relief.

Cheryl is feeling under the weather right now. She caught a cold virus from someone very dear to her and is now paying the price for being so loving. (heh, heh, heh) She is prowling around the house like an old grizzly bear with a sore tooth. She even had the nerve to ask me to fix breakfast this morning and serve her in bed. I THINK NOT!! Does she pamper me when I am down. No!!! It is get up you lazy man and do this and do that. Oh no, no sympathy at all.

I have not taken the time to read blogs, emails or anything like that although I did skim through Pam and Foam's blogs. Speaking of Pam's blog, I seen the picture of the hawk and it was beautiful. The past few weeks we have had golden eagles and bald eagles hanging around and they look so majestic. The mice have been coming out lately and the eagles and hawks are going crazy catching them.

This for Sarah. I am sorry I have not posted more but we are doing fine. I actually thought I would get a chance to work on the Lewis line but so far... no time. I really want to take a trip to Dedham and look around for myself. I just have this feeling that some of those Delaney's are relatives.

Got to go. Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cheryl and I visited our daughter in Provo, UT and the following pictures are what "THIS" Grandpa had to deal with. Our granddaughter, Rylie, with the desk we gave her. Now she can work just like her mother.

Showing Grandpa how everything works on her new desk.

The desk has been checked out and now it is time for Grandpa to get his physical by Dr. Rylie. She really did a double take at my hearing aids in my ears. I wish the camera could capture the intensity of her eyes.

No doctor visit is complete without a shot for good measure. Sometimes even a dozen of them are even better.

I was so sick that I had to have an IV immediately!!

Checking the old pie hole. I told her there was no way she was putting on latex gloves for a further examination, especially lower down.

"Grandpa you have no heart!!!"

"Oh! There it is."

"Now about those teeth?" She is doctor and dentist rolled up into one. I stuck my lower denture out at her when she was examining so closely and scared her a good one. Then it REALLY was an examination of my teeth.

"Okay Grandpa. This doctor has concluded that you are a very sickly fellow and need lots of TLC from a cute granddaughter. Come back in a week or so for a another checkup. Here is a kiss to keep you going."