Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I promised myself that I would be a little better at posting. I returned last night (or I should say this morning) at midnight so I am a little tired and not responsible for what I say.

Darla, if you read this I want to say congrats to Janine and the new one. Glad to hear that all went well. Cheryl had left for work by the time I checked the emails so she doesn't know yet but I printed your note so she can see it tonight. I am sure she will be calling in the near future.

Dana, thank you for your email. I sure wish I had a daughter that liked to go fishing and would treat her father to a nice fishing trip. The one who used to fly fish has now turned into a big sissy and doesn't do that sort of thing anymore.

Well, let's see what I can bore everyone with today.

While on our trip this past summer we visited Mesa Verde National Park and found it quite interesting to see how the people who dwelled in the cliff houses lived. Hard to imagine living in those conditions.

Good grief my mind has gone completely blank so will close and try another day. Senior moments are not fun. I think I will go back to bed.

Have a nice day everyone and don't forget to do your genealogy.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Part of the reason I have not been blogging much as of late.

Goodness, thank all of you for your comments on my "last" post. I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. I will try and repent.

We are doing fine. Cheryl started work today at the Marsh Valley School District but I am not sure what exactly she does there. I know it is helping with all the little darlings which is right up her alley. I am back to bus driving which I really enjoy. It makes me quite tired but what the heck, I am an OLD man.

My back is doing fine. It talks to me when I try to overdo with lifting, bending, twisting and etc. Of course when it is not talking to me I pretend it is so Cheryl will feel sorry for me and take good care of me.

I have to tell you about my back. When I approached the Dr. about this surgery I asked him how long I would be down. His answer was 3 weeks on my back in a bed, and then approximately 8-12 weeks before I would be able to go back to work. Now I don't know if you folks are religious people or not, but I am and I truly believe in God and his abilities. I had a blessing in which the person giving it said I would heal quickly and all would be well. While in the hospital a couple of men from our church came by, complete strangers to me, and I asked them to give me another blessing. It was almost word for word as the first one. The results... 21/2 weeks after my surgery I was given a clean bill of health and told I could go back to work. Now to me that is short of miraculous. I did not think that God even knew who this little peon was but apparently He does and said, I will help him.

Okay enough of this religious stuff. About California....

It actually started in Albuquerque, NM when we rented a U-Haul trailer. We wanted to take it all the way to Idaho but the dealer said our time was too long and suggested we rent it from Albuquerque to Bakersfield, CA, there we would re-rent the trailer from Bakersfield to Idaho. The cost from New Mexico to California was just under $100 and mileage did not matter. When we went to re-rent the same trailer from California to Idaho the cost was a whopping $600. I about fainted. Come to find out that California does not want the trailers leaving the state and if you take one out you are going to pay a hefty fee. Grrrrrrrrrrrr, I hate California.

I guess this is enough for today. I have bus runs for the next 4 days so will not be back but I will try and do better at communicating. Hope this finds everyone well and happy.

Have a nice day everyone.