Thursday, March 27, 2008

I hope this works okay. I found an old video of Cheryl and I dancing. Enjoy.

You really didn't think it was me did you?

Have a nice day everyone.

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Movie Reviews

I was trying to post the picture that said what my blog reading level was. Pam said hers was a genius but mine was only grade school level. Sounds about right. I am trying to learn how all of you do some of the things you do but so far no luck.

Have a nice day everyone.

PS. Hey I did it. Now I can graduate to third grade.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Isn't this the gospel truth. Why speculators are allowed to run wild with prices on commodities is something I just don't understand. I guess that is why they are rich and sap's like me are poor.

I can truthfully say I just finished the bus run from Hell. The kids were great, the roads were great, Cheryl was with me and that was great so why do I say it was the run from Hell? I had two leaders with me, one for the cheer squad and one for the dance group and they fought like cats all the time. I felt like I had been scratched, bitten, kicked and all the other things cats do when they fight. Next time I am wearing a black and white striped shirt since I am the designated referee. I told Cheryl that this year was a learning experience and next year I will be a harda-s. I was so glad when the last person departed from the bus and I could go home. Now my boss is in the middle of a battle with the school hierarchy over the run. Good luck boss.

Enough of my whimpering.

How was everyone's Easter? Cheryl and I were so tired that we slept most of it after we returned home from church. Our daughter, Katherine, was here from Nevada and that was a pleasant visit. The weather did it's usual Easter thing in raining, snowing, sunshine and now we have fog.

I guess I am the only one who had not heard that song "I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore." I had never heard of the performer but Pamela, that elderly lady in Washington, said she knew of him when she was 10, I think. Mercy, does that tell ones age or what.:))

I apologize to everyone for not making comments on their blogs. Time has been a precious commodity lately and I just have not taken the time to write. I do read them though.

Well, I killed another (*&^%$#@!!! deer the other day. The things are all over the highways here. I had just left our home, in my pickup, and was going about 55 mph when out of the barrow ditch it came on a dead run. I hit the brakes but still got it with my right side. Now I have a headlight to purchase and fix. Could have been worse I guess. I sure will be glad when they decide to go back into the hills for the summer.

Do any of you ever get blog writers blackout? At times I can remember what I would like to write about but when the time comes to actually write I have forgotten everything. Boring... I know.

Guess I will close. Thanks to all who make comments on my blog. I feel like my day is not complete when I don't hear from some of you. Interesting how friendships develop without even seeing one another. Pam would you send me a picture of that hawk you mentioned a while back. I want to look for it here. (Bet you don't remember what I am talking about.) Sw--? Hawk or something like that. Foam, my bud, how are you getting along with all those kids now? Just think, summer is coming up real soon and it will be beach time or camping time with your favorite drink and your feet propped up. Alice and Lowa all I can say to the both of you is, "I Am Truly Sorry.", that you are from Canada and lead a sheltered life. By the way LOWA, I thought I had made a comment about your hair but it never posted so maybe I didn't. Alice, where are those "special" emails with the snowmen pictures or something of that nature. I miss those. Don't be turning good on me.:)) Spicy is good. Dana it is good to see you able to write again. You need to slow down lady or you are going to have health problems.

Enough for today. Cheryl took a picture of my bus and me and once I get it downloaded I will post it.

Have a nice day everyone.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I hope this works out. Alice, in Canada, sent me this clip. I wondered if she had met me and I didn't remember it. Enjoy, cause it is definitely me.

Have a nice day everyone, except Alice.

This is a rare animal and to be able to capture it on film is exciting. It was found in

I have seen a sure sign that spring is almost here. Snowbirds are returning. Now for those of you who do not know what a snowbird is, they are a different kind of species that migrates south in the fall and returns in the spring. Now that in itself does not sound so different since a lot of birds do that but these birds are generally quite old, crippled, and rather than fly they drive themselves to warmer climates where they set around with other snowbirds and tell tall tales about their youth. They always seem to travel in pairs with the male being paunchy and generally bald and the female being grandmotherly with a white head. (Of course only her hairdresser knows for sure what color she should be.)

Our two snowbirds showed up last Tuesday. They had wintered in St. George, Utah. They play banjo's and love country western music.

I think my wife is taking advantage of me. Just because I did not have a run the first part of the week I have been assigned the tasks of washing clothes, carrying things downstairs, cleaning toilets, going to the post office and many other wifely tasks. What does she do? Gets up, gives me a cold breakfast and goes to work where she plays all day with little children. Yep, I am being taken advantage of. I haven't even been able to squeeze in a fishing trip or even get my gear ready. When the hour of her return is near I start to tremble and shake if I have not finished my chores 'cause she beats me for being lazy, or worse, she deprives me of my supper. I live an abused life, I just hide it well. I cannot even have my girlfriend come over to visit 'cause my spouse has spies throughout the neighborhood that watch our house almost 24 hours a day.

Did I mention that I have a LOT of Irish blood in me and sometimes the blarney comes out.

Time for my morning nap so will close. Hope everyone is well and happy.

Have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There is no reason for this picture other than I like it. I thought it was very special.

My run got canceled today due to bad weather so I had a chance to visit other blogs and finish a book I have been reading. It is called "The Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan. At first I didn't think I would continue reading because it started out kind of slow for me but the plot picked up as well as the action. This book has a lot of similarities to the Lord of the Ring series. Instead of a ring being the focal point it is three young men. Of course they encounter many kinds of beings, dangers and strange people in their travels to the eye of the world. Once again the world is in mortal danger from the "dark side" and they have to prevent it from being destroyed.

What I had a hard time with was the names of people and places. These names must be from old Celtic or Welsh times and I could not even begin to pronounce them. I must not forget the evil warriors that were much like those in Lord of the Rings. These are called Trollocs and seemingly undestroyable. There is a Dark Lord who has fire coming out his eyes and mouth and is a really nasty sort of individual.

There is no cussing, no sexual encounters, just good old fiction action. I liked it.

I also finished reading "The Golden Compass". Again the names and some of the words were hard for a poor uneducated person like me to read. I read this book mainly because there are so many religious groups who were opposing it and I wanted to know why so I could guide my grandchildren. I didn't find anymore wrong with this book than I did with the Harry Potter series... and I liked Harry Potter.

Now if I speak about authors that I really like then Louis L'Amour is right there amongst the top 5 or so. I love western reading. The hero, the heroine (sp), the bad guy, the horses, the guns, the whiskey, the fights, the romance. Oh John Wayne where are you when we need you? I always loved the part where the hero mounts his horse, tips his hat to the beautiful young woman and rides off into the sunset. "No, no", she cries but he keeps going and then pauses on the crest of the hill. (There is always a crest of the hill) "I'm sorry my dear, but my horse needs me more." And he rides away. Sighhhhhhhhhhh, what a man.

I also finished reading "The Teachings of Joseph Smith". Now whether you like the man and his organization or not he truly suffered a great deal at the hands of mobsters. I don't think I would have the stamina to withstand what he went through. It would crush me to have friends turn against me, family turn against me and the world thinking I am a bad person.

Okay enough with the book reviews.

Here in this area we have an unusual number of hawks that fly through each spring and fall. I have seen so many hawks lately and each one is fascinating. I even got to see a falcon chasing a bird and that was poetry in motion. While waiting in Boise one day two geese came in for a landing and performed it so smoothly that any pilot would be jealous. Beautiful to watch.

The *&^%$#@!!! deer are down from the mountains and they are an ever threat on the highways. If I seen one I know I seen a thousand the other day.

Guess that is about all for today. Remember when I first started blogging I said I was boring. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, now you have proof.

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ah, tis one of the best days of the year... the wearin of the green. Actually I think it is a day set aside for all Irishmen and Irishwomen to have an excuse to drink and frolic. Hmmmm, if only I drank and frolic'd. Now listen Foam, my friend, I was speaking about cabbage and beer being a deadly concoction mainly from listening to others speak of it. Well, maybe in another life I might have imbibed a touch but not anymore.

My goodness after reading the comments on my last blog maybe I should try corn beef and cabbage. LOWA I do like sauerkraut and cold slaw but that is the extent of my cabbage eating.

Since this is St. Patrick's day and I KNOW all of you are wearing green today, I will post some more pictures.

Now who can resist a lovely Irish lass with her fiddle and green hat? All of you must have a little Irish blood because I feel you are pretty too. Cheryl is all dressed in green and I CERTAINLY am although I would not want a picture taken of me. I have black pants with bright green shamrocks all over them and the word "Guiness" filling in the blank spots. My shirt is green striped. Bring on the fun.

Now for the life of me I cannot figure out why a green frog with a green hat. Cheryl likes to collect frogs... says they remind her of me. Hmmmm. Now one more picture that is more a self portrait than anything else.

Yep, that is me at my best, green eyes and all. (Just kidding of course)
What kind of blogger would I be if I did not talk about St. Patrick's day today? I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again... I am proud of my Irish heritage. They worked hard, played hard, and laughed hard. They loved music and so do I. My favorite song is, "I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore". (Thank you Alice)

Another hard week coming up. Another trip to Boise. I am beginning to know every bump on the road from here to there. Saturday we had a vicious snow squall come through that left about 10 inches of snow in a very short space, caused all kinds of accidents, left the roads icy as all get out for a while, and almost blew my bus into an 18 wheeler. I was really fighting the wind for a while. However the group of youngsters were an exceptionally good group and we had a lot of fun.

Saturday was Cheryl's birthday. Unfortunately I was not here to celebrate it with her but our two daughters got with her and they had a fun day; probably more fun than if Dad had been there. I gave her a couple of pins to wear. One was a Red Hat pin and the other was a frog under an umbrella. (She said she liked it.)

Last night the moon had a very large ring around it. If memory serves me correctly it means stormy weather is coming for about a week or longer. As I read the weather forecast this morning it seemed to bear out my convictions. I do know a small ring around the moon means it is going to be cold.

Okay, enough of my intellect. Remember Easter is coming next Sunday and while it is a commemoration of our Savior please don't forget to say, "I love you" to your loved ones.

Hope everyone is well and happy and don't forget that the most important thing to do today is... KISS AN IRISHMAN!!!

Have a nice day everyone.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I will try and sneak a post in today. The school has had me running hard and the only reason I have a few minutes today is because I don't leave until 4:00 pm.
Someone sent me this picture of a Canadian bicycle and I just had to post it. I have often wondered what made them different but now I am starting to see the proof.

I know most of you have seen this picture but I still find it funny. There have been times that Cheryl has wanted to put me up for sale but she didn't have enough money to pay someone to take me.

I don't care how you present this type of food to me I still don't like it. Cheryl claims I must not be a true Irishman because I don't like cornbeef and cabbage. You doggone right I don't like it. The only thing cabbage is good for is to cause a flatulence problem. Add some beer and you have the makings of a dangerous, dangerous, DANGEROUS situation.

Got to go. Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, March 03, 2008

This label had to be designed by a man. Way to go fella!! Should receive a prize for this.

This is a picture my friend LOWA should show her husband so she can get her own motorcycle. I don't know if any of the rest of you ride but you might consider this. I can just see Merle and Jen on this. Two free spirits.

This is my pal Foams travel car. She took this to Mississippi. Sigh... you got to give that girl credit for southern thinking and German ingenuity..:)

Not much to say this day so thought I would post these thought provoking pictures.

Be safe, be careful, and have a nice day everyone.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

This is a picture I took some time ago with my new camera. I call it a cyclops dragonfly. I don't know if it would be good enough to enter in a Wordless Wednesday blog or not What do you guys think.

Just piddling around for a few minutes waiting to leave for a funeral of a good friend. She was an independent spirit who truly hated to have anyone help her, even when her health was failing. She will be missed. She and I had an interesting relationship in that I could say things to her that she would not take offense to yet if anyone else said the same thing she would blow up.

I lay in bed last night thinking how time changes people. When we were first married, and for several years after that, we would snuggle up to each other, kiss, fondle, and do the thing that married couples do at that age. Often the words would be spoken, "Ohhhhhh, that feels so good."

Now we lay there with our backs to one another, just enjoying the body warmth on our backs and still the words are the same. "Ohhhhhh, that feels so good." Young people, and some old ones, life changes as you get older and more brittle. The simple pleasures you enjoy at an older age are just as intimate but accomplished in a different manner.:)

Have been researching Merle and Jen's blogs for appropriate material to include in a religious lesson tomorrow at church. Those gals crack me up. Jen just told me that they have a law in Australia where cats are not allowed outside after 6:00 pm. Mercy, if they have laws like that for cats I wonder what the laws are like for children? In our town we have a 10:00 pm curfew for children but nothing for cats. I think I will bring that up to my council member next time I see him.

Time to go.

Be safe, be careful and have a nice day.