Monday, August 17, 2009

I have decided that all women are crazy, well, most women anyway. This silly woman that I am married to gets up every morning at 5:30 or 6:00 to read her scriptures and then go walking with a friend. Now who in their right mind does such a thing? I appreciate that she wants to get up that early but she always manages to disturb the sleeping beauty next to her and then I get a guilty feeling for not being up and doing things. Come on ladies..., old age is to be enjoyed by being lazy, going fishing, less yard work and etc., etc., etc. By the way Pam you have a lovely yard. Ours would look that nice if Cheryl would get up a little earlier and do some outside work.

What is going on in the life of Delaney? Nuthin, absolutely nuthin. Next week starts the driving for the school and then it will be busy, busy, busy, I hope. I am getting the itch to put the pedal to the metal.

It has been quite cool here the past few days and I love it but my tomatoes are hating it. I have so many but they are not turning red. What is a person to do? I look forward to having fresh tomatoes each year. We have so much spaghetti squash that I am sick of looking at it let alone eating it.

Good grief I really cannot think of anything to say. Now if Cheryl was doing this she would go on about anything and everything for ever and ever. Put a telephone in that woman's ear and she can talk all day long. Do I get fed when she gets that way..., noooooo. I am so abused.

Breakfast calling. Got to run.

Have a nice day everyone.


Pamela said...

the week before I went to babysit... I got up at 5:30 to go bird watching.

It is sort of like reading scriptures as it is very spiritual and fulfilling. they have wings.. like angels heh heh

Avry and Justin said...

Oooh I love spaghetti squash send it my way! Okay I never though Cheryl was much like my mom but the comment about her being up at the crack of dawn going walking & wanting to get things "done" is sooo my mom! ;) love ya Cheryl.

oh wait but if your bussing starts this week you will be up that early now too right?? ;)