Friday, May 07, 2010

This should be interesting. I did not realize it had been so long since I last blogged and much has happened. Of course I won't remember too much of it but will try a little.

November, 2009 I had a wee bit of a stroke which damaged (permanently) a nerve in my ear. This nerve is important for equilibrium and vision. Needless to say I now walk around like a drunk and I have a hard time focusing clearly. I no longer driver the bus that I loved so much and am pretty much home bound unless Cheryl drives me somewhere. I spend my time on the computer doing indexing for genealogy people, teasing Cheryl and making her mad, and watching cowboy movies if they are on TV.

It has been sooooooooo cold here that we have only been fishing once. Didn't catch anything but we enjoyed it. It was nice to be outside instead of in the house. It snowed a little bit yesterday but right now it is fairly nice outside. I would go fishing except I have to go to a ladies house to set up a program on her computer.

I miss all my blogging buddies even though I didn't have that many. I do get on facebook whenever I think of it and just leave a comment now and then. If you wish to say hi on facebook just look for Tim Delaney. Of course you might tell me who you are so I don't think it is some hooker or worse and I just delete it.:))

Well, if anyone reads this please sign in and say hello. Have a nice day.


Avry and Justin said...

Sorry to hear about the stroke. I didn't know :( It sucks when you have to give up things that you love because your body won't cooperate! good to hear from you & to get an update!

foam said...

soooooooooo good to hear from you. i did occasionally pop in to your site and wondered if you were okay. actually today on my way to the neurosurgeon in the big shtinky city i was thinking of you. i was thinking .. "you know, if something bad happened to the irishman, how would we know? unless family posted something. so, i'm mighty glad you showed up, pal. i actually just came back.
i am sorry to hear about your stroke. i came real close to a stroke a few year ago myself. do take it easy and do what the doctor tells you to do .. and do what cheryl tells you to do, of course .. :)

Pamela said...

Is there any chance something will help stabilize the dizzy ear nerve?

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

Just notice that you posted something. I keep thinking if life would slow down just a tiny bit I would come make you miserabe:) Working 40 hours week is cramping my style. I am finally getting that new secretary trained so I can start getting caught up at home.

Tigersue said...

I'm sorry about the stroke. My Dad had one 4 years ago, and my Aunt just died from one in March.

I'm glad you are back, I was worried!

Tigersue said...

I tried to look for you on Facebook! Which Tim Delany are you? Then again, you can look for me, Tanya Robinson, with a picture of a mulitcolored hand.

Kate Olson said...

What's your excuse now??? Get back on here and comment some more!! Love you daddy1!